Jews are hurt by Omar’s statement : Report

Max Rose of D-N.Y., the freshman representative, revealed on Sunday that a recent tweet from his colleague representative suggests a bad case scenario. Omar’s tweet suggested that a lobbying group of pro-Israel is currently buying off the lawmakers. He also said that the tweet has hurt jews very severely and even to himself.

Rose took it to Twitter and wrote that when a person uses some of the offensive and hateful tropes against the people of other faith, he is not going to be silent. The words of Congresswoman Omar are excruciating hurtful to the Jews, as well as him. This also implied that the Americans supporting Israel due to money is quite offensive on its own. Nevertheless taking a step further and to retweet, someone who is declaring their share of pain at her personal sentiment is exceptionally unacceptable.

During the time when the attacks by the anti-Semitic groups are rapidly increasing, the leaders are not supposed to invoke the hurtful stereotypes as well as the caricatures of the Jewish people for dismissing the people who support Israel. In the Democratic Party as well as in the United States of America, they celebrate the diversity of their countrymen and the Gods they pray to. The Congresswoman’s statements are not going to live up to the cherished ideal.

Earlier this Sunday, Omar has responded to a drastic question as to who she thinks she is for paying the American politicians to become the pro-Israel by speaking AIPAC! The tweet has had a reference to the major pro-Israel lobbying group.

She has also retweeted journalist Glenn Greenwald by responding to one of the stories about Kevin McCarthy, the representative of California promising towards the lawmaker of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib over the reported anti-Semitism. She has also captioned that retweet with an astigmatic message.

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