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How Green Chemistry will help in Creating a Better Living?

How Green Chemistry will help in Creating a Better Living?

In recent years, chemistry has been acknowledged as the fundamental science required to address environmental issues globally. The emerging discipline of green chemistry has been acclaimed as a fundamental tool for design and attainment of sustainable development. It is the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances. This approach requires an open and interdisciplinary view of material and product design, applying the principle that it is better to consider waste and hazard prevention options during the design and development phase, rather than disposing of, treating and handling hazardous waste.

This strategic action has been labeled as the “Triple Bottom Line” philosophy, which means that productive activity can only be economically sustainable if environment protection, social benefits, and market advantage are simultaneously achieved. This is the strategic challenge for the future of the chemical industry, with its development being closely linked to the needs of people and the environment combined with new ideas in fundamental research. It should be easy to foresee that the success of eco-friendly reactions, processes, and products will improve the competitiveness of the chemical industry.

In the developed countries green chemistry has an outlook of opportunity for introducing innovative solutions to chemical problems and applying sustainability towards molecular design. The current scenario of the chemical industry evokes the ability to design products and processes that have reduced impacts on humans and the environment and therefore creating sustainable chemical building blocks for materials and products in the society.

Leading players such as BASF SE, Buckman International, Inc. have adopted the idea of green chemistry in their business processes with an aim to add value in the environment safe in the long run. However, deploying sustainability and risk management are the core drivers for this concept to grow.

Green chemistry is here to stay, and the discipline is likely to have an even greater impact in the coming decades. The rapid rate of its acceptance as a scientific discipline and the ever-expanding rate of green chemistry’s influence suggest that the vast majority of chemicals used in commerce.